Rules of Competition and Regulations

Long Island Road Runner Club events are organized and directed under USA Track & Field (“USATF”) rules and regulations. Entrants must also comply with Nassau County Parks & Recreation and LIRRC Rules and Regulations.

LIRRC reserves the right to change the details of the event, including delaying, canceling, or suspending the race due to inclement weather or other potential safety risks. Once you have entered a race, your entry fees are non-exchangeable, and non-refundable, under any and all circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or your participation, or change in the nature or format of the event. Participants must retire at once from the race if ordered to do so by event officials, medical staff, or any governmental authority, including firefighters and police officers.

Safety: All participants must follow the instructions of event officials (LIRRC staff and volunteers). For participants’ safety, no skates, strollers (including running strollers), bicycles (any other type of wheeled device) or animals are permitted. The reason for this regulation is that their inclusion in races increases the potential for injury to race participants and children, and does not comply with USA Track & Field Rules and Regulations. In addition, this regulation is included to satisfy insurance requirements.

Sportsmanship: Any participant who conducts him- or herself in an unsportsmanlike manner or who is offensive in action or language to event officials, other participants, volunteers, or spectators may be disqualified, and banned from future LIRRC events.

Race Number: Your official participant race number (bib) must be fully visible at all times and worn on the front of your torso. The timing device is attached to the back of your race number; in order to ensure an accurate time, please do not fold or wrinkle the race number or cover it with a jacket, runner belt, water bottle, or any other item. Participants who run the race without their number properly attached and displayed risk not having their finish time recorded, and not being listed in the results..

No Transfer Permitted: Race numbers are non-transferable; you cannot give or sell your number or tag to another person or participate with an unofficial race number or tag. Anyone not officially registered for the event (Bandits) is prohibited from participating in any part of the race/event, including starting at the back of the race and/or joining the race while in progress. No pacing of runners via bicycle or un-bibbed runners. This will result in the disqualification of the runner being paced.

Course Marking/ Monitoring: LIRRC events (except for kids’ races) are conducted on a USATF-certified course. Participants must stay within course boundaries, as designated by barriers, traffic cones, delineation, and/or other markings, at all times; must recognize and understand event signage and symbols relating to the course, directions, and facilities; and must follow the instructions of course marshals. If you have not completed the entire course, do not cross the finish line or you will risk disqualification. No participant, after leaving the course, will be allowed to rejoin the race either for the purpose of gaining a place or to pace or assist another competitor. Failure to do so may result in disqualification, and ineligibility for future LIRRC events.

Race Start/ Official Times: The race will be started by an air horn unless otherwise noted. All participants must be behind the starting line at the start of the race and must follow the instructions of the race starter. Your official (gun) finish time is recorded by the timing system when you cross the finish line. This time determines the order of finish and age-group award winners.

Baggage Coral: The baggage coral is for the convenience of the runners. Any items left in the coral are solely the responsibility of the runner. The LIRRC is not responsible for loss or damage of any items left there.

The LIRRC reserves the right to reject any entry and to disqualify and bar any individual from any LIRRC event. The rejection/disqualification may be based on, but is not limited to: violation of the aforementioned rules; unsportsmanlike conduct; non-payment of appropriate race fees (i.e. a non-member paying member fees); competing with an unofficial number; competing with an official number or chip assigned to another person; transferring or attempting to transfer an official number or chip to, or to obtain such number or chip from, another person; being paced during the race by a person not entered in the race; accepting assistance from non-race participants; crossing the finish line without having completed the entire course; and providing false information on the race entry form. Individuals disqualified from a race will be removed from the race results and may be barred from future LIRRC events. The LIRRC reserves the right to change the details of the race.

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