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John Corrigan 4x2 Mile Relay

March 20, 2016

Registration 7:30-8:45 AM

John Corrigan Relay Application


See President's Message Below

Welcome to the Long Island Road Runners Club

The LIRRC has been serving runners for thirty-nine years with over 60 events a year in scenic Eisenhower Park.


The LIRRC is a member of USATF, and is governed by a Board of Directors, who are experienced runners.  Our mission is "To enhance our members' enjoyment of the sport of running, and to promote fitness through running."  The club is dedicated to promoting running and racing.  Members' ages range from teens through the 80s, with a variety of abilities and running backgrounds.


At the LIRRC, we emphasize safety first, in conjunction with the rules of competition to maintain fairness in our organized events.  We have developed these rules and procedures to ensure integrity and safety and a fair and impartial process.

Terms and Conditions

Once you have entered a race, your entry fees are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and non-refundable, under any and all circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or of your participation, or change in the nature or format of the event.  An event may be cancelled or changed due to severe weather or other factors that threaten the safety of participants, staff or volunteers, or as mandated by park officials or otherwise at the discretion of the LIRRC Race Director.

All LIRRC races are capped at 250 participants.  To keep with USATF Registration Rules, registration will be closed 15 minutes before race time.  That means for Sunday races starting at 9 AM registration will close at 8:45 AM, and the Wednesday Night Summer Series 5K races starting at 7 PM registration will close at 6:45 PM.


Registration is in accordance with USATF registration rules.  These registration rules are common at other races, and are necessary because our races are predominately day-of-race, and all registrants have to be entered into the database prior to the race.  Please plan to arrive at the race allowing you sufficient time to register.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

LIRRC Rules of Competition and Regulations

  • 1.   Participants must be properly registered for each event and have their running bib fully visible at all times, preferably on the front of their torso.

  • 2.   For participants' safety and to satisfy insurance requirements, no in-line skates, baby joggers, baby strollers, bicycles, skateboards (any other type of wheeled device), or animals are permitted in LIRRC events.  The reason for this regulation is that their inclusion in races increases the potential for injury to race participants and children.

  • 3.   Participants in events at Eisenhower Park must stay within course boundaries, as designated by traffic cones, barriers, and/or other markings, at all times.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification and ineligibility for future LIRRC events.

  • 4.   The use of personal music devices is strongly discouraged at LIRRC races.  To enjoy all that our race has to offer and for the safety of all participants we encourage a headphone-free environment during the running of LIRRC races.  Plus race personnel will be on the course providing direction to help get you to the finish line, it is your responsibility for hearing the instructions given at the start line, finish line, and while on the course.

  • 5.   Anyone not officially registered for the event (Bandits) is prohibited from participating in any part of the race/event, including starting at the back of the race and/or joining the race while in progress.  No pacing of runners via bicycle or un-bibbed runners.  This will result in the disqualification of the runner being paced.

  • 6.   Runner safety has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for our event.  Please be considerate of the other participants and pay attention to instructions given by the race personnel to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for everyone.

  • 7.   Runners should not be rude or offensive toward our race volunteers or other runners.

  • 8.   In the event you decide to drop out of the race, you are responsible to notify a race official and turn in your race bib tag or chip.  This will assist us in keeping track of race participants still on the course.

  • 9.   Violation of any of the above rules may result in your disqualification from the race and its benefits, and/or banning from future races and the forfeiture or non renewal of your individual or family membership.

  • 10.  The baggage coral is for the convenience of the runners.  Any items left in the coral are solely the responsibility of the runner.  The LIRRC is not responsible or liable for loss or damage of any items left there.

  • 11. The LIRRC reserves the right to reject any entry and to disqualify and bar any individual from any LIRRC event.  The rejection/disqualification may be based on, but is not limited to: violation of the aforementioned rules; unsportsmanlike conduct; non-payment of appropriate race fees (i.e. a non-member paying member fees); competing with an unofficial number; competing with an official number or chip assigned to another person; transferring or attempting to transfer an official number or chip to, or to obtain such number or chip from, another person; being paced during the race by a person not entered in the race; accepting assistance from non-race participants; crossing the finish line without having completed the entire course; and providing false information on the race entry form.  Individuals disqualified from a race will be removed from the race results and may be barred from future LIRRC events.  The LIRRC reserves the right to change the details of the race.

Race Fees 2016 Season

$15 Individual Membership
$20 Family Membership

$5 for club members
$12 for non-members
For family members, the fee will now be:
$5 for the first family member (same household), and $5 for each additional family member.
Our Youth's summer fun run fees will stay the same $1.

    President's Message - Changes For 2015

After careful consideration, the Board of Directors of the Long Island Running Club has reduced the number of races in the 2015 race season to eleven.  They will include eight races in the famed Wednesday Night Series, and three races that have been member favorites – The Santa Run, John Corrigan 4x2 Relay, and the Easter Bunny 5K.  In addition, we will have our New Year’s Day Hangover Run held on Thursday January 1st, 2015, which is FREE!

There is no problem-recruiting runners in the summer; some of the Wednesday Night runs in 2014 had almost 200 participants.  Most of our Sunday morning races, however, are poorly attended.  One reason is that so many other races out there are offering more.  It is obvious to us that our low fees are not enough.

Also, volunteers continued to be scarce and recruitment is difficult.  For some reason, the younger generation just doesn't seem to take an interest in managing or organizing functions or taking on the responsibilities needed to run a club on the level of LIRRC.  The same people who run the club contribute to The Roadrunner, LIRRC’s online newsletter.  The availability of a library with magazines, novels, and DVD’s about running garnered no interest at all.  With all that said, there is something going on in all our lives and priorities must be set.

Our race team is a committed and experienced crew - but it is a commitment that comes at a cost.  Race team members have missed vacations and family functions, and they are not able to run in popular races themselves.  In addition, the preparation and work is the same whether there are 30 runners or 200 showing up.

Some members of the race team arrive 3-4 hours before race time setting up and preparing.  We stay until everything is put away.  We are not complaining.  We really enjoy what we do!  However, some of us have been doing this for over 25 years.  In addition, unbelievably, we are getting older!  It would be great to see younger runners stepping up to “learn the business,” but there seem to be fewer wanting to give the time it takes.  The races take a lot of work.  We need to face reality, and we have decided on quality over quantity.

Be assured that we remain committed and with each race in 2015, you can expect a quality event to be presented, complete with raffle prizes, MyLaps Timing, water stops, age group awards, and our 50/50.  In addition, our ever-popular Kids Run will precede every Wednesday Night Run, with all finishers getting ribbons at the completion.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas and always have.  Your participation in the upcoming year would be particularly helpful, so contact us!

 See you in the park!


Cell Phones For Soldiers

Throughout our country's history, there have been selfless people who have stepped up to answer America's call. Let us not forget our men and women in uniform, and let us always let them know they are appreciated for the sacrifices they and their families make for us. What can we do to show our support of our men and women in uniform? There are many ways, and the Long Island Road Runners Club has decided to partner with Senator Dean Skelos in the "Cell Phones for Soldiers" program. Each week at our races, a collection box will be available to collect old cell phones. This is a close-to-home cause, as LIRRC President Fred Haslett's son, Sgt. 1st Class Fred "Rick" Haslett of the NC Army National Guard, was stationed in southern Baghdad, on his second deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Since his company's Internet connection was not free, Cell Phones For Soldiers kept SFC. Haslett and his fellow soldiers supplied with calling cards so calls home to loved ones were free.


Soldiers can pay as much as $5 per minute to call loved ones.  Our collection helps them stay in touch with loved ones.  Let's do our part.


God Bless our troops!

For more information, visit the Cell Phones for Soldiers website at:




The story of these two youths who started this program is inspiring.






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